PC Vs Mac: Why Selling Information Technology Products Helped Me Decide

The infamous PC vs Mac Debate

I’ll start off by saying I’ve been a long time PC user for many years, I started when I was 13. With the exception of the one year I was using my school’s Apple when I was 12, this is all I knew. As far as I knew, PC’s would always win the PC vs Mac debate.

And I enjoyed putting PC’s together, assembling and putting them together piece by piece. As my one friend put it, putting together a PC is like legos for adults. In terms of enjoyment of putting things together in the PC vs Mac thing, PC allowed for more options.

At one point I was working for a company that sold IT products to companies. During this time I received pretty extensive training on computers and different platforms. It wasn’t enough education to be an IT technician, but enough that I knew the pros and cons for every platform. In terms of my training in PC vs Mac, 85% of my training was in PC related products.

I didn’t plan on being there to learn something about the PC vs Mac thing, it just happened. After working there, I was slowly became an Apple convert.

Here some reasons why in the PC vs Mac debate, I wouldn’t choose a PC.

Apple Has Better Hardware Performance and Runs Smoother

One reason why Apple won me over in the PC vs Mac debate was that the hardware performed so much better on a Macintosh than it does on a PC. A PC has hundreds of different manufacturers for different things like video cards, sound cards, motherboards, and processors, etc.

With so many different types of brands, there is always bound to be compatibility issues. Apples more or less run with the same hardware, so less compatability issues leads to a smoother computer. Apple Macintosh wins here in PC vs Mac.

Software Peforms Better on a Macintosh

Isn’t it annoying to have programs that don’t run optimally? Always conflicting with your computer or running slow? PC Software has to be programmed to be compatible with hundreds of different hardware manufacturers. Apples more or less uses the same hardware, so the software runs smoother because there is less likelihood of comptibility problems. Macintosh wins here hands down in PC vs Mac.

Easier to Install

Anyone who has installed hardware or software on a PC knows this is a coin toss in terms of how long it takes to install. Macintosh wins the PC vs Mac debate here because everything installs seamlessly on an Apple.

Stop Worrying About Viruses

One long standing argument in PC vs Mac are viruses. With a PC, you worry about infections. You have to constantly be on a look out for what’s in your email, buy antivirus programs and then clean things out regularly. Running an antivirus program can also slow down your computer. Macintosh wins again in the PC vs Mac debate because Apple products don’t need virus protectors.

Better Multitasking and Efficiency

If you have a PC, here’s an experiment for you to do. Open several applications and web browsers at the same time. Then open a video, and then click and drag the video around. Does the video stutter? An Apple wouldn’t. Macintosh wins the PC vs Mac debate again.

Better Integration Into Daily Life

This is a big issue in the PC vs Mac debate.

You don’t have to browse the internet or read endless manuals to make your computer work for you with a Macintosh. Apple has products that are programed in a way that they’re intuitive to anticipate what your problems are and to solve them before they even occur. This is why people who don’t know much about computers like Apples. They don’t run into problems and don’t even know why. Macintosh again wins the PC vs Mac debate.

The Cost Factor in PC Vs Mac

The only thing a PC might get some points for is being less expensive, however, you get what you pay for. It’s common to buy a PC, only to have to upgrade in the very near future or replace it. So in the long term, the price difference doesn’t really swing in PC’s favor.

Someone on a budget, for instance, a student might swing in favor of PC because of the short term cost. One thing to take into consideration, is that a Macintosh probably won’t require upgrading for the duration of your four years in college, while a PC probably would.

In terms of the PC vs Mac debate, price here is a stalemate.

The Final Tally in the PC vs Mac Debate

Apple Macintosh 6, PC 0 is the final tally of PC vs Mac.

This may change in the future, but as of now, there really isn’t much of a debate in the PC vs Mac arena. In terms of ease of use and less headaches, everything points away from a PC.

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