How To Clean The Cellular Shades in Your Home

The cellular window shades Is Possibly an Internal installment, but that does not mean that it doesn’t Need the sporadic tending. Most technical alternatives such as the honeycomb blinds need to be approached   With only the right attention to own the best results. Yet another facet to the cleanup task is to Preserve the […]

Entertainment Media Servers

One thing the tech industry fails at is explaining things so normal human beings can understand them. If you happen to walk into a discussion between two tech geeks, you’ll likely hear a collection of strange jargon and acronyms. Nerd 1: The HDMI output on my media-server is having handshake issues with my 1080p screen. […]

How to Provide Excellent Customer Service

We’ve all heard the old adage: ‘The Customer is Always Right.’ But how much truth can we lend to that statement? It seems that businesses are moving father and farther away from what constitutes excellent customer service, and that associates are less concerned with customer satisfaction than they should be. We know that customers can […]

SOA – Service Oriented Architecture Introduction

A Brief Look at Web Services SOA stands for Service Oriented Architecture. The services mentioned here are web services. While web services can have different meanings, it has a specific one when it comes to understanding SOA. Web services are specific, targeted software routines that are implanted into a web site in order to perform […]

How to Fail in Business

Over the past five years or so, I have had some moderate success in business. I have seen my business’s revenue increase to the point of elation and I just knew that I was on my way. Then, suddenly the bottom dropped out. Well, I’d like to say “suddenly”, but in reality, my business was […]

Small Business: Common Mistakes

Taking the leap to start your own small business can be a scary one but once situated you’re on the path to creating your own destiny, riches and tales of great accomplishments. Unfortunately, the rate of small business failure has been ever high as many people coming from an employee role to entrepreneur are one […]